Real New York Tours

September 29, 2010 by Vinessa

statue-de-la-liberte  purple liberty!!Truth be told, I haven’t been lucky enough to take a Real New York Tour yet! Our guests at Ivy Terrace bed and breakfast rave about Luke Miller and his gang. Here you can see the city through the eyes of real New Yorkers. Here, you will ride the subway and pound the pavement to get the insider experience of New York City. They offer tours for different budgets,desires and abilities. From the Big Apple, a 6 hour private tour, to the Baked Apple, a pub crawl which may include the infamous White Horse Tavern and the Ear Inn, it seems Real New York Tours is keepin’ it fun and interesting. Luke was born and bred in New York City, and has chosen 18 good-looking tour guides ( pix are on the website). Of course, they offer tours of Harlem and all the standard favorites like Central Park and Times Square, but seeing it with a real New Yorker is a whole different thing.  Like staying at New York bed and breakfast vs. a hotel, Real New York Tours give you a more behind the scenes view of  N.Y.C  Tell them Vinessa sent you!

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