Cafe Lalo, New York City

February 1, 2016 by Vinessa

laloA New York City destination since 1998, Cafe Lalo is perhaps most well known for being the backdrop in the movie "You've Got Mail". This upper west side eatery has a bustling energy and some amazing pies, cakes and cookies, as well as a full cafe menu. Fig and dark chocolate truffle ganache, maple pecan pie and Grand Marnier cake are only the beginning! I am also told their sugarless pie which come in cherry,blueberry and apple are scrumptious. Whole cakes and pies are also sold ( give them 2 days notice please). Cafe Lalo attracts all kinds of folks out to enjoy a good time, couples sharing a dessert on date night sit side by side with kids and parents enjoying decadent sweets. I must say… service is spotty, sometimes slow and on weekends it is packed. Avoid going on Friday or Saturday evenings (or Sunday brunch). Instead opt for late lunch on a weekday or a late nite cappucino or cocktail. The bar was expanded recently to include a wide selection of fine dessert wines,aperitifs& cognacs. Cafe Lalo has a charming decor with exposed brick, vintage posters and chair backs shaped like little hearts.

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